At the Richardson Law Firm, LLC, we understand the burden that comes with the decision to pursue a divorce.

Going through a divorce is one of the hardest things a person can experience in life. Studies have shown that divorce is the second most stressful event one can experience - second only to the death of a spouse.

However, a divorce doesn’t have to be a long legal battle. Statistics show that in most cases, couples often mutually agree on the divorce terms. In fact, an estimated 95% of US divorces are UNCONTESTED - meaning both parties have been able to come to an agreement about how to divide the property, who will retain custody of the children, and whether spousal support will be provided.

Uncontested divorce

An UNCONTESTED DIVORCE can be the best option for many couples. For couples who can set aside their personal differences, and can agree to an equitable division of their property and assets, as well as present and future care of their children, then an uncontested divorce may be in their best interest.

UNCONTESTED DIVORCES are also easier on children since the process is decidedly more calm and civil. If parents can come to an agreement on custody and visitation rights, they are able to proceed with the divorce process on an uncontested basis. The uncontested divorce process is less painful for everyone involved, and allows for all parties to amicably part ways and move on to a new phase in life.

Obviously, some divorces will require extensive legal representation, especially in cases involving contested child support, parenting plans, spousal or parental abuse, maintenance, asset division, and employment benefits. Fees in such cases can be expensive and unpredictable since the process will be lengthened by the actions of the parties. We will be glad to evaluate your situation to see if it is suitable for an uncontested divorce.

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