With a momentary lapse, you may find yourself with a citation for a traffic violation. Although a ticket may seem minor, it can have a significant impact on your life, from higher insurance rates and fines, to the loss of your driving privileges. Other offenses such as DWI can incur fines, penalties, SATOP, SR-22, and jail time.

In court, the prosecutor is an experienced attorney who represents the City, County or State against you. To help level the playing field, you need an experienced, seasoned attorney on your side. I can help clients get reduced or dismissed charges, help prepare a trial defense, and negotiate with prosecutors. I want to help keep your driving record as clean as possible.

Discussing your case with me can answer certain questions, such as: What are your rights? Do you have to go to court? What is a plea agreement? What does a trial involve? What are points and how do they affect my license? Though each case is unique and results cannot be guaranteed, I will speak with you to assess your situation and to represent you to try and obtain the best results possible.

Get educated - click here to view the traffic point scale of the state of Missouri!

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